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Welcome to the 13th edition of Creating Value, IMAP’s flagship mid-market M&A publication. 
To say this year has been a mixed bag of nuts so far is somewhat of an understatement. Following a record year of M&A in 2021, many expected that this momentum would continue long into 2022. However, record high inflation, rising interest rates, and fears of a recession continue to overshadow market activity.

With energy and food price increases a danger to the stability of developing markets, global stock market valuations are off 20-30% from their cycle highs and are showing no signs of an imminent recovery. Yet despite this difficult environment, IMAP advisors continue to close successful deals for clients around the world and in this edition of Creating Value, we share the story behind some of these, including an artificial heart manufacturer looking to become the primary alternative to heart transplants and an IT recruitment company looking to bridge the gap in technology skills as a result of digitization. We also put Industrials, Fintech and Automotive under the microscope to find out what’s driving M&A activity and identifying opportunities for investors.
As we continue our series dedicated to the subject of ESG, we take a look at the implications of new ESG reporting regulations on mid-market companies. We also share details of a recent client succession story in the Renewable Energy sector.

Following his recently published paper looking at the likelihood of single-owner SMEs credit defaulting compared to multiple-owner SMEs, Dr. Csaba Burger, Data Science Advisor at the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), talks to Creating Value to explain why SMEs are twice as likely to default and provides guidance on key measures to mitigate the risks.

As IMAP continues to expand its global footprint, we take the opportunity to once again welcome our newest IMAP member, Investor in Paraguay and examine what is increasingly becoming a highly attractive region for investors. We also share news of a new IMAP partner agreement designed to develop our investment banking activities in the Netherlands.

So, while we are unable to predict what will happen in the markets over the coming months, or say for certain how things are going to unfold, it is clear that the tides are turning and by the time we come back to you with our next edition there will be much to talk about. In the meantime, our IMAP partners around the globe will continue to dig deep and be ready to help our clients successfully navigate any treacherous waters.

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