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Rekeep World S.r.l. (“Rekeep”), like many IMAP’s clients who have consolidated in their domestic markets, is now focusing on accelerating international expansion and growth through cross-border mergers and acquisitions. A typically much faster market entry route compared to organic growth, it also brings immediate benefits and to a degree mitigates levels of risk because not only are the business and facilities already established, so is the team, as well as the relationships with suppliers and customers.

However, accessing new and unfamiliar markets can be a complex process and requires the expertise of experienced M&A teams with the necessary credentials, local knowledge, and access to the key players. Rekeep, the leading Italian integrated facility management company, operating primarily in the Healthcare and Transport sectors, is now successfully operating in Poland, France, and Turkey, following the advisory of IMAP’s Italian and Polish partners, and is subsequently looking for further international acquisitions.

Speaking on the company’s expansion strategy at IMAP’s Fall 2021 Conference in Lisbon,Federico Gandino Masetti, General Manager at Rekeep World, explained:

“Why do we want to be abroad? The answer is simple, the Italian market is mature and on a single digit growth path, yet internationally the situation is very different. It’s difficult for us to enter new countries organically, instead our strategy is to acquire established businesses and platforms that will enable us to achieve our growth plans more quickly and efficiently. Our experience with IMAP has been great and I am delighted to be given a platform to reach out to the entire global IMAP team and look forward to closing on many more transactions with them”.

IMAP Chairman, Jurgis V. Oniunas, commented:  

“Following the conference, Federico and the Rekeep team are already in talks with several of our IMAP partners on target acquisitions in new markets. I think this clearly demonstrates not only the power and reach of our IMAP partnership and how quickly we can mobilize our teams on global buy-side opportunities, but also that we have the necessary established relationships with key market players and have the expertise and experience required to turn these opportunities into successful transactions.”

IMAP hopes to partner in this way with other clients on international cross-border M&A mandates as attending the IMAP conferences and meeting the teams from around the world in-person is an excellent way to build trust and lasting relationships.