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IMAP is pleased to announce that leading Croatian cleanroom and HVAC specialist, Klimaoprema, has acquired 75% of MCRT GmbH’s operations.

Klimaoprema is the leading Croatian provider of engineering services for cleanrooms, as well as a developer and producer of high-tech HVAC solutions. The company has been successfully marketing its solutions in Western European markets, exporting over 90 percent of its products and services. With the acquisition of MCRT, Klimaoprema has gained additional top engineering staff, the use of advanced software packages, expansion of product range and sales capacity, and greater opportunities for new employment. In addition, the acquisition will help with the internationalization of the business.

MCRT offers a wide range of cleanroom systems, with an emphasis primarily on the design, planning, and production of so-called “mini-environments” for the Semiconductor industry. The company cooperates with the world’s largest manufacturers of optics, microelectronics, and nanotechnology.

The IMAP SEE team, led by Goran Popović and Tomislav Boban, acted as exclusive transaction advisor to the owners of Klimaoprema on its purchase of 75% of MCRT’s company shares.