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Disruption is widespread yet its impact is not universal. It’s not surprising therefore, that there is no blanket response across the geographical regions or their economies.

IMAP experts, Kenneth Wasik, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Investment Banking at Capstone Partners – IMAP USA, Mauricio Saldarriaga, Managing Partner at Inverlink – IMAP Colombia, and Jeffrey Smith, Managing Director at Pinnacle Inc. – IMAP Japan, recently had the pleasure to participate in an interview with Firmex, one of the most widely used virtual data platforms, to look at how disruption is affecting the middle-market and M&A in their region.

Discussing the widespread level of uncertainty across the geos due to an array of factors driving disruption, including inflation, supply chain issues, COVID and the war in Ukraine, our three experts look at the resulting effect on their general economies. They examine in detail the direct implications for M&A, as well as answer the big question as to whether they anticipate the current market conditions will drive an increase in activity by the PEs.

Jeff, Mauricio, and Ken debate whether the perception that sectors such as IT/Software, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods remain largely unaffected by geopolitical disruption is indeed true in their region. They also discuss the crucial distinction between the short-term adaptations to disruption in comparison to long-term fundamental change and provide insights into some of the long-term fundamental changes they anticipate will emerge from the current disruption.

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