IMAP India advises Sanghi Infrastructure MP in its strategic journey

IMAP India has facilitated monetization of an under construction cement project in Madhya Pradesh by the shareholders of Sanghi Infrastructure M.P. Limited. The transaction has helped Birla Corp, the acquirer, to augment its overall reserves of raw material and further consolidate its position in Central India.

RCCPL Private Limited, wholly owned material subsidiary of Birla Corporation Ltd has acquired 100% equity stake of Sanghi Infrastructure M.P. Limited. In the process, RCCPL has acquired the mining rights comprising of 889.760 Hectares at Katni, Madhya Pradesh pursuant to a Tripartite Agreement executed with the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Sanghi Infrastructure M.P. Limited.

IMAP India has been engaged in several corporate finance and M&A transactions in the Cement sector. The deal activity in the cement industry has periodically been high as its markets are very regional, production is dependent on own resources at the pit-head and the overall business is capital intensive. Hence, consolidation is ongoing and driven by reasons to increase market presence or to garner limestone reserves. Also, the public equity market valuation in the sector clearly favours size of operations and arising benefits from economies of scale. We have concluded multiple other M&A, Corporate Finance, Distress Resolution transactions in cement sector. Here is what our clients have to say about us and our sector knowledge.