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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our seasoned experts bring together profound industry insights, innovative strategies, and unparalleled transaction execution to guide you through the dynamic landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments.

Every divestment or monetisation engagement is unique and we provide tailored advice to deliver the greatest value for each client – economically and strategically.

  • Selling companies and subsidiaries  or part of a business
  • Help financial investors with monetisation of their investments
  • Advise corporates on optimal timing and structure of the divestment and work through the entire process to complete the transaction
  • Invite global strategics from US, Europe, Japan or China into the business with an objective of enhancing long term sustainability, competitiveness and business growth
  • Appropriate partner search for the business along with valuation, investor reach, due diligence and negotiation
  • Change of ownership structures for succession planning and retirement
  • Management of LBOs and MBOs

We facilitate strategic mergers to drive growth and enhance competitiveness, leveraging our expertise to identify and execute mergers aligned with clients’ long-term business strategy.

We help our clients identify strategic partnerships aligning with business objectives, fostering international collaborations. Our goal is to find the most suitable partners for client’s need for alliances through a partner search, coupled with valuation, investor reach, due diligence, and negotiation. Our global partnership provides unparalleled access to a network of global possibilities, ensuring international attention for your business need and strategic partnership.

There is an increasing need for enterprenuers in mid-market to monetize their businesses as part of succession planning. We specialize in solutions that facilitate smooth transitions, ensuring the continued success of your business, and at the same time help maximize the monetization through a bilateral or competitive process, as relevant.

Our comprehensive Buy-Side Advisory Services include:

  • Opportunity analysis worldwide: In-depth analysis to identify opportunities aligning with your global growth objectives.
  • Target identification and assessment: Leverage our market insights to identify strategic acquisition targets, conducting thorough due diligence to ensure alignment with your business goals and objectives.
  • Due diligence and valuation: Thorough processes to ensure informed decision-making.
  • Transaction structure and negotiation: Strategic structuring and international negotiation support for favorable deal terms.
  • Deal completion: Guiding you through the global deal completion process for a seamless transition.

For strategic investors seeking opportunities amid fractured balance sheets, we guide the corporate through the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code landscape for acquisitions. With IMAP India, our clients acquire operating assets seamlessly with legal protection and at attractive valuations.

Why Partner with IMAP India for M&A?

Midmarket Marvels & Global Partnership

Leveraging the power of our extensive network within the mid-market segment, we guide our clients on strategic opportunities and work with them to closure. Whether it’s divestments, acquisitions, or shaping the future of business, we bring you the best of the mid-market world. IMAP, a dynamic global partnership designed for mid-market investment banking across 49 countries, provides exceptional local knowledge and contacts. Our global network opens doors to a diverse pool of international buyers and partners, particularly valuable in divestments.

Succession Mastery

Understanding the nuances of succession issues in India, we craft divestment strategies ensuring a smooth transition aligned with long-term business objectives of our client.

Results Driven Expertise

Our clients benefit from our team’s wealth of experience, successfully managing diverse M&A transactions across industries and borders. We have a proven track record and have facilitated numerous transactions that contributed to the strategic growth of our clients.

Pioneering Targeted Growth

Our strategic mindset aligns M&A transactions with your overall business strategy for sustained success. Our seasoned team excels in identifying and executing strategic acquisitions, ensuring each move precisely aligns with your unique vision.

Holistic Advisory Excellence

From target identification and due diligence to negotiation, deal structuring, and post-acquisition integration, we provide unwavering support to maximize value from each strategic move.

Sector Savvy

Our team has diverse industry expertise for a comprehensive understanding of unique challenges and opportunities across various sectors. We speak the language of our clients’ business.

Regulatory Expertise

Our team is well-versed in compliance requirements and offer assurance to our clients as they venture into the complexities of the international M&A landscape.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

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