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Financial Restructuring

We help our clients navigate the complex terrain of debt capital, liabilities and threat of insolvency. IMAP India has a proven track record in financial restructuring for corporates supported by sector-specific expertise, legal acumen, relationships with creditors, experienced team and a commitment to build consensus. These elements collectively position us as the go-to partner for businesses navigating distress and seeking financial transformation.

We offer refinancing solutions to help our clients optimize the cost of capital or create cash buffers. We analyze client’s existing liabilities, explore the possibilities with relevant players in financial market, and help reach favourable terms for the refinancing. Our solutions for refinancing are structured to align with earnings profiles for a sustainable future.

We actively assist corporates in financial stress through strategic communication and negotiation with creditors. We help develop strategies that help aligning clients long term goals, ensure transparency and manage creditor expectations.

Proactive problem-solving is at the core of our approach. IMAP India engages with creditors and new investors to not just address but eliminate financial distress before it escalates.

As advisors to the Committee of Creditors (CoC) and Resolution Professional (RP) in insolvency proceedings, IMAP India negotiates on behalf of creditors to maximize their recovery and optimize the entire restructuring process. Our clients trust us to develop and implement tailored solutions, ensuring creditors extract the maximum value from distressed assets. Our global M&A advisory services ensure that we unlock global strategic value and maximize recovery.

For strategic investors seeking opportunities amid fractured balance sheets, we guide the corporate through the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code landscape for acquisitions. With IMAP India, our clients acquire operating assets seamlessly with legal protection and at attractive valuations.

IMAP India assists companies in securing financing that supports ongoing operations in a difficult business situation and propels your transition into a restructured business model.

Why Choose IMAP India for Financial Restructuring?

Proven Track Record:

IMAP India has a proven track record in helping companies through distress resolution and financial restructuring. We have advised our clients through complex financial situations.

Sector Knowledge Across Industries:

Our in-depth understanding of various industries positions us as experts in financial restructuring. Whether it’s manufacturing, technology, or services, our team possesses a nuanced knowledge of sector-specific challenges, enabling us to tailor solutions that resonate with the unique dynamics of each industry.

Understanding of Legal and Regulatory Frameworks:

IMAP India stands out for its thorough comprehension of the legal and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that our strategies are not only effective but also fully compliant. This understanding provides clients with a secure and legally sound path through distress resolution.

Relationships in the Creditor, Asset Restructuring Companies, and Legal Sphere:

Our extensive network of relationships within the creditor community, asset restructuring companies, and legal domain is a valuable asset. These relationships enhance our ability to negotiate favorable terms, collaborate with key stakeholders, and stay informed about industry trends.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

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