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Corporate Finance

We offer various corporate finance advisory services to ensure that our clients’ needs are met across their business cycles. Apart from our three key service lines, namely Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Restructuring, we advise our clients in their business financial planning.

At IMAP India, our Strategic Advisory services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from corporates to sponsors, including family offices.

  • For Corporates: We guide corporates in evaluating investment opportunities, assessing risks, or developing a long-term financial strategy. Our advisory services encompass financial analysis, comprehensive market research, and business planning.
  • For Sponsors, including Family Offices: We work closely with sponsors to understand their unique goals and challenges. Our services include developing investment strategies that align long term vision.

We help our clients prepare for successful mergers and acquisitions with our Pre-M&A Advisory services. We lay the groundwork for a seamless and strategic transition through a comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning process. This includes preparing client for due diligence, conducting in-depth financial analysis, risk assessment, determining fair market value, understanding and evaluating synergies, and contemplating deal structures while considering financial and regulatory constraints.

There is an increasing need for enterprenuers in mid-market to monetize their businesses as part of succession planning. We specialize in solutions that facilitate smooth transitions, ensuring the continued success of your business, and at the same time help maximize the monetization through a bilateral or competitive process, as relevant.

We advise corporates through the entire IPO process, from preparation to listing and thereby ensuring a seamless transition to the public markets. Our experts help you navigate regulatory requirements, build investor confidence, and maximize the value from IPO journey.

“Make in India” for the world is a reality today. We leverage our global network to help client business grow beyond borders. We help them work out commercial or strategic partnerships with global companies to expand their business offerings.

We also advise global players envisaging entry into Indian markets. Whether it’s setting up manufacturing or introducing their global products to the Indian market, we assist them in finding trusted local partners who can streamline the process.

Our insolvency process advisory services guide distressed companies through the insolvency process and implement effective restructuring plans. We actively assist corporates in financial stress through strategic communication and negotiation with creditors. We help develop strategies that help aligning clients long term goals, ensure transparency and manage creditor expectations.

Why Choose IMAP India for Corporate Finance?

Global Partnership

IMAP is a dynamic global partnership dedicated to mid-market investment banking, with considerable presence in Europe and America. We collaborate with our partner firm for their knowledge, expertise, and contacts for successful global corporate finance advisory.

Proven Track Record:

Our team brings a wealth of experience, successfully managing diverse corporate finance transactions across industries. We have successfully facilitated numerous advisory assignments contributing to the financial health and growth of our clients.

Customized Approach

We tailor our advisory solutions to align with client’s industry, growth stage, and financial objectives. We prioritize understanding their business goals and tailor our services to meet their unique needs.

Regulatory Expertise

Our teams are well-versed in compliance requirements, which helps our clients navigate the complexities of financial regulations with confidence.

Transparent Fee Structure:

Our fee structure is clear, straightforward, and directly linked to your fund-raising goals. We prioritize openness in financial arrangements, ensuring you understand the value received for the services provided.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

We are committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving positive change to our clients. Explore our client success stories.

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