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Local expertise & global reach

At IMAP India, we specialize in guiding corporates, financial sponsors, and stakeholders through the intricate landscape of global corporate finance and M&A. Our commitment is to deliver entrepreneurial and unbiased services that empower our clients to achieve their objectives successfully. With client service offices strategically located in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Hyderabad, we seamlessly connect with our clients locally. Moreover, our dedicated execution teams collaborate closely with IMAP offices worldwide, providing unparalleled access to global strategics, funds, and industry specialists. At IMAP India, we don’t just navigate the world of finance; we redefine success for our clients on a global scale.

Our business is your business growth

At IMAP India, we redefine success through a spectrum of strategic financial services. From crafting optimal capital structures and navigating corporate finance intricacies to orchestrating seamless divestments and propelling growth through acquisitions, we are your partners in financial excellence. For those facing challenges, our financial restructuring expertise provides a lifeline, guiding companies through insolvency or revitalizing those in financial distress. Join us in sculpting financial success stories that transcend boundaries and redefine possibilities.


Corporate Finance
Maximize your financial potential with bespoke solutions—from bank loans to IPOs, we navigate the corporate finance landscape for optimal shareholder return
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Unlock value and seamless exits—our strategic advice transforms divestments into strategic opportunities, whether within India or beyond.
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Ignite growth through strategic acquisitions—whether expanding within India or globally, we shape inorganic growth strategies for lasting success.
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Financial Restructuring
Navigate financial challenges with confidence—our expertise in restructuring helps companies refinance liabilities and navigate insolvency proceedings, revitalizing financial health
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Owned by its partners, IMAP is an independent organization focused purely on M&A and transaction success. We are a growing and dynamic global partnership designed for the mid-market investment banking.

IMAP is consistently ranked among the Top 5 middle market M&A advisors globally by Thomson Reuters

Every IMAP member firm has exceptional local knowledge, expertise and contacts, backed up by the full strength of our global team, giving every client access to over 450 specialists worldwide. 

We work together in seamless cross-border sector teams and address each assignment with talent and dedication.

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We are the gateway to global middle-market M&A opportunities. From Europe to the Americas, Asia to the Middle East, and Africa, we serve as the bridge to international opportunities and success.

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